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It is always interesting to whom the brand entrusted the manufacture of its products. We tell you:

  • 1. United Petfood
  • 2. Thai Union
  • 3. Freeze Dry

Wellement dry foods are produced at United Petfood plants in Belgium and France.

United Petfood is a leading European dry pet food manufacturer.

United Petfood is a family-owned company. Michel Dumoulin established the first compound feed manufacturing plant, “Domoulin Foods,” in 1937. Michel’s grandson Dominik Dumoulin opened the first factory for the production of dry extruded pet food in 1994, as the family business grew and developed. Today, the company operates 20 manufacturing facilities in eight European countries. The company not only manufactures dry food, but also canned food, biscuits, and treats. United Petfood products are popular in over 80 countries worldwide.

The production process

Step 1
Quality food begins with the right ingredients

The production process

Step 1
Quality food begins with the right ingredients

With care about the planet

Locally sourced ingredients, Raw materials with low environmental impact, Sustainable packaging, Efficient use of electricity and water, Innovative and healthy products, Use of windmills and solar panels

The ITC plant, a subsidiary of Thai Union Group, manufactures wet food and toppings in Thailand.

Thai Union Company was created in August 1977 as a processor and exporter of canned tuna. Since then, the company has been actively growing and developing. Thai Union gradually grown not only its product offering, but also its presence in various regions. Now the corporation operates more than 10 offices in 9 countries, 14 production sites in 11 countries.

The pet food manufacturing sector was established in 1989. Global PetCare, a separate pet business segment, was formed in 2015. Since then, the company has developed many different new pet products. Global PetCare was listed among the top ten manufacturers of cat and dog food in the world, and it was named the second best pet food company in Asia (assessment Petfoodindustry.com , Frost&Sullivan) in 2021. The Global PetCare business unit became an independent i-Tail (ITC) company in December 2021, while remaining in the Thai Union  holding and preserving the parent company's quality promises and operating policies.

With care about the planet

The Tuna Commitment is one of the most important environmental initiatives of the corporation.

i-Tail’s tuna production commitments suggest that only fish suppliers that exhibit best practices to prevent illicit, unreported, and uncontrolled fishing will be chosen. According to the duties, fishing firms and vessels must be certified in a specific manner, the catch must not exceed the quotas set by regional fisheries management bodies, and each fish taken must be traceable to the vessel.

The Freeze Dry company in Russia manufactures freeze-dried Wellement meat.

Freeze Dry is a leading Russian manufacturer of freeze-dried meat for pets with first-rate raw material quality. Freeze drying is most well-known food preservation process is freeze drying.

Frieze Dry is entirely manufactured in Russia. It is based in Tatarstan, one of the most populous regions in terms of livestock and the quantity of sophisticated meat processing plants, and exclusively works with major, well-established producers.

The technology of freeze drying (also known as sublimation) is not new. Even Soviet cosmonauts were despatched to explore the reaches of our universe with ready-made freeze-dried food such as soups and porridges. Every kilogram of cargo launched into space is genuinely worth cosmic money. Freeze-dried items maintain all of their nutritional value, as well as color and scent, just like the original product. They are, however, several times lighter. Also it is currently hard to conceive any pharmaceutical manufacture without the use of freeze-drying.

Sublimation is the method of preserving food at low temperatures under vacuum circumstances by allowing water molecules from a solid state (ice) to transit into a gaseous state (steam) and bypassing the liquid phase. As a result, up to 95% of the product's functional characteristics and structure are preserved.

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