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Our Brand

Our Brand

Wellement was born out of passion for pets and desire to provide them with the best possible nutrition. The brand was founded by a team of enthusiasts and animal professionals who recognized that each dog and cat has different dietary needs and preferences, and set out to develop a feeding system that would cater to those individual requirements.

The name “Wellement” was created by combining the words “Well” and “Element” as a symbol of element of health. The concept that no one knows a pet better than its owner is at the heart of Wellement’s philosophy. The brand empowers pet owners to take an active role in their pet’s nutrition by providing them with the tools they need to build a tailored feeding plan that their pet’s individual needs and preferences into account. As a result, the product line comprises dry pet food, canned food, freeze-dried meat, and toppings that can be combined in more than 100 different ways to create a personalized feeding plan for each pet. The brand is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of pets by using only high-quality products that are properly obtained.

Wellement’s products are manufactured in three countries, each chosen for its competence in a unique area of pet nutrition. Wellement is able to create a really unique and original feeding system that is unlike anything else on the market by integrating the greatest ingredients and production methods from across the world.

Wellement swiftly established a passionate following of pet owners looking for a healthier way to feed their furry animals, thanks to a focus on customization, quality, and responsible sourcing.

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